Site Testing

Site Testing

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd have grown from a business that traditionally supplies structural products into the geotechnical arena. As a stringent product supplier we have always advocated the importance of testing in both the product capability under controlled conditions (laboratory testing) and the capability of the product in the field.

When Soils Investigation data is provided to us we are always questioning about the merits of the interpreted data in relation to the ultimate installation position of the anchoring system. Sometimes the positioning of the bore holes are not in proximity to the installed positions of the anchors. There is clearly significant benefit in the information with respect to allowing an initial judgement to be made. However, there is no substitute for testing the proposed anchoring solution on site.

We would advocate that a site test should be conducted on all projects prior to significant investment in purchasing materials, hiring plant and labour and incurring associated site costs such as traffic management etc. before a site test has been completed.

A site test will involve the attendance of an Anchor Systems Site Supervisor to supervise the installation of the chosen or engineered anchoring system. The test will provide definitive proof that the anchor system is suitable for the defined requirements.

In some instances site tests can achieve negative results. However, this should be taken as a positive as this allows us to make an informed judgement of the situation and then systematically arrive at the conclusion that will confirm the correct anchoring solution based on results gained. Results based analysis provides the best data for the soil materials encountered and will allow a fairly accurate proposal to be formulated for the best anchoring solution to be used.

It is clear that no one project is ever like another project due to the large number of variables that have to be considered in arriving at the correct conclusion.