VulcanĀ® Anchoring System Design

Anchor Systems (International) Limited have been involved with the supply of anchoring systems since our conception over 20 years ago. Over this period of time we have completed a number of designs for customers who have expressly requested this service so the anchoring system could be verified through stringent engineering prior to physical incorporation into the project.

As a result of these repeated requests anchor systems now work with a number of Consultant Engineers that support us in this endeavour. We now offer a design service as a matter of course where we are happy to review a project with respect to the anchoring requirement and then propose and design a suitable solution working with our affiliates.

We provide a design service based on completing an: -

  • Assessment of the proposed anchors (Local Stability)
  • Assessment of the global stability of the structure (Global Stability)

The design can take anything from one to two weeks dependant on the complexity of the structure. The output from the design process would be a fully documented professionally indemnified design that considers all the parameters of the available information and a competent proposal using the anchor systems products.

Design Other Products

We also have access to a number of design professionals that regularly help with the research and development of our more recently conceived products such as the patented Anchor Post solution. We generally use these affiliates to look at proposals for varying sectors of business where the innovation has not yet been realised.

As a growing business we are happy to provide support and assistance in the development of our products as a means of providing a solution to our customers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and allow us to define your solution.