Freeland Solar Arrays

Anchor Systems have developed a complete foundation system for the positioning and siting of Solar Farms. The benefits of the system are such that the anchor posts can be used in most situations to achieve a single line and level for the installation solar farm.

Any misalignment in the installation of the anchor post in the field can be rectified by using the 10-15 degrees of flexibility in the interface plate that is sited on top of the anchor post. We do not use wedges or spacer to correct radial misalignment. This correction is made by traversing one hemispherical plate over the other to adjust for correct alignment.

The use of the anchor post solution ensures means that no wet trades are used in the construction of the solar farm for the foundations. Therefore, once the design life of the solar farm has expired the anchor posts can also be extracted with solar farm infrastructure and there would be no further expense in remediation prior to handing the land back to the client.

Freeland Solar Arrays

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