Civil Engineering & Construction

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd have been engaged in the mainstream construction sector for over 10 years. The VulcanĀ® anchoring system has been used in the Civil Engineering sector for over 35 years. We are a company that supply ground anchoring technology based on the constraints that continually frustrate project progress through bad access to working areas, the lack of speed in construction and environmentally unfriendly systems.

Mechanical ground anchors are well proven in both temporary and permanent ground works and a significant number of structural applications. Ground anchors are an efficient, reliable and cost effective means of stabilising retaining structures as well as slopes and embankments.

In line with ground engineering requirements we have incorporated alloys within the ground anchor system construction to allow for durability's that can now exceed 120 years subject to soil conditions encountered.

We have developed the ground anchoring technology to create a number of solutions to aid ground engineering and structural repair. The innovative solutions that are now readily available are: -