Grouted Sock Anchors

A mechanical and chemical anchor system for stabilising structures such as bridge abutments, retaining walls and embankments. The system comprises a high strength stainless steel Rib Bar surrounded by a woven elastic polyester Grout Sock, sealed at both ends, which is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the structure to be stabilised and pressure grouted to form a strong mechanical and chemical reinforcement.

How It Is Used

The core holes (60-110mm dia.) are made to the required depth in the structure to be stabilised. The Grouted Sock Anchor, supplied to customer specified length, is inserted into the hole.

The Grout is injected at around 90 psi into the Grout Sock - which acts as temporary shuttering while it expands to tightly fit the contours of the pre-drilled hole. The ability of the expanding Grout Sock to conform to local voids and fissures further enhances the performance of this system.

The woven fabric of the sock allows the water to pass through and form an intimate chemical bond with the surrounding structure. Once cured the grout and Rib Bar become a permanent integral part of the structure adding strength, rigidity and stability. A small section of the Rib Bar is left uncovered to allow attachment of load plates and/or proof testing equipment. Once testing is complete the bar end may be covered/concealed below the surface of the structure.

Where a structure contains sharp, loose or granular fill a reusable solid sleeve may be used to protect the Grout Sock during insertion.

Technical Data

Rib Bar

Rib Bar Mechanical Properties
Material Stainless Steel 304 S31
Ultimate tensile stress 750N/mm2
0.2% yield stress (minimum) 650N/mm2
Minimum elongation 15%
Typical lengths 6m
Straightness 2 in 1000

Rib Bar Performance Characteristics
Ref Nom Dia. (mm) C.S.A. (mm²) 0.2% proof load (kN) Ultimate Tensile Load (kN) Wt/m (kg) Torque to develop 0.15% UTS (Nm)
RB12 12 91 54 64 0.73 40
RB16 16 167 108 124 1.30 90
RB20 20 261 170 196 2.10 135


A high quality thixotropic cable bolting grout. Supplied in 25 kg bags. Each bag requires 10 litres of water.

Grout Sock

Medium weave polyester sleeving.


Grout Typical Curing Times
Properties: Compressive Strength N/mm2 days
1 day 3 days 7 days 28 days
39 50 65 80