Vulcan® Anchors Design & Performance

Load Range

From 0-400kN subject to ground conditions

Required Lifespan / Material Specification

Long Term corrosion resistance for up to and in excess of 120 years using Grade 316 passive stainless steel

Medium Term up to and in excess of 40 years using cast iron galvanised anchors fitted with stainless steel tendons

Short Term, i.e. temporary works, using cast iron galvanised anchors with either carbon steel high yield bars or galvanised tendons

Light Weight anchors are normally supplied in LM 25 aluminium

NB: All of the above are subject to prevailing ground conditions and the presence of any aggressive properties such as acids or stray electrical currents. Insulators or insulating membranes should always be used to separate dissimilar metals.

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Performance Requirements

Working and proof loads are achieved by selection of the appropriate anchor for the ground conditions.

All components, including tie bar details, are designed to a safety factor as agreed with the specifier.

Performance Considerations

The simplicity of the system and its speed of load application make the Vulcan® system a favourite for tight programme situations.

Visual Appearance

Top terminations for tie bars and tendons can be varied to suit the situation. These can be fully concealed for visually unobtrusive stabilisation of historic or listed structures. Pattress plates in various sizes, shapes and materials are available to suit specific requirements.

Combi-Tec Concealed Top Termination

Developed by Anchor Systems (International) Ltd, the Combi-Tec system comprises a stainless steel tube, front plate and polyester sock which is inserted over the installed anchor before pressure filling with grout to secure within the structure. The cored out material or removed brick/stone is then replaced.

This provides a totally concealed top termination for Vulcan® ground anchors, making them ideal for historic and listed structures.

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