Anchor Posts

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Anchor Systems (International) Ltd specialises in geotechnical and structural stabilisation. It offers a comprehensive advice, design, specification and site testing service for it's range of products., which include VulcanĀ® mechanical ground anchors, soil nails, helical anchors, anchor bolts and the innovative new anchor post system. The anchor post system is a versatile product that, like many good ideas, provides a much easier and more efficient way of satisfying a widespread requirement. Manufactured from recycled steel, it also offers major cost savings compared with traditional methods of post installation as it is up to 10 times quicker, needs minimal labour and all operations are completed in just one visit. Originally designed by Anchor Systems for Metronet Rail SSL as a rapidly installed post to support trackside cables on the London underground, anchor posts have an extensive range of other potential applications including:

  • mooring bollards
  • park benches
  • cycle path signs
  • road signs
  • cable posts
  • gabions
  • barriers
  • rockfall barriers
  • handrails
  • pipe line anchoring
  • pedestrian signs

Anchor Post Range
Anchor Post Range

Comprehensive Service

With considerable experience of all aspects of ground and structural stabilisation, Anchor Systems' personnel can offer advice on the most suitable anchor post for individual projects with their specific load requirements, will conduct site tests and, if necessary, provide installation training or arrange installation via a recommended contractor.

The System

Anchor Posts come in a variety of sizes for use in different applications but all work on the same simple principle. whatever your post anchor needs may be we can produce specials on request. Call us to discuss your particular requirements.


Anchor Posts Installation


Apart from its flexible usage, the principle benefit of the anchor post system is its speed of installation into most displaceable ground conditions. Once a C.A.T scan has been conducted to detect any hidden utilities, the anchor is simply hammer driven straight into the ground. The alignment plate is then secured to the top at surface level and a post of the required height bolted to the plate. It is immediately ready for its desired application - fitting of signs, securing cables, fencing and the like.

Anchor Posts for Rail Cable Runs
Anchor Posts for Rail Cable Runs
Anchor Posts for Rail Cable Runs
Anchor Posts for Rail Cable Runs

This rapid economical procedure allows far more posts to be positioned in considerable less time. Also, unlike traditional post installation methods, anchor posts require no hole digging, no concrete or curing time and no return visits, particularly important on rail and motorway installations, making them significantly more cost-effective.

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